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Great Gift For Someone’s Party

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I love this idea and think it could be genius gift for someone’s birthday or anniversary party or an engagement present at their party!

I recently had so much fun at my friend’s wedding with this photo booth they had there. It was so popular and everyone was having so much fun with it. This company provides some dress up accessories and encourages some good old fashioned fun at a party. You can go in dress up with your loved one, or friends and have some fun making silly poses, then instant photographs are dispensed.

They are lasting memories from what was a fun and joyous occasion. We have ours on our fridge for a constant reminder of the love from their wedding day. We had so much fun with it! And I just think it could make for such a unique and special gift for friends or family who are hosting an event or party.

Surprise them and organise one of these booths through a photo booth hire company and you will be sure that the party will be one full of fun and you’ll have lasting memories to take home with you.

Fun and Games

Summer Activities for The Kids

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I am writing on behalf of my little ones who are absolutely thrilled and loving their brand new cubby house!

Lifespan Kids have the best cubby houses, we just purchased the Wallaby with the attached slide for our kids. They will not leave it alone and it is keeping them so active outside and away from the iPad and computer games.

All I can say is get one!

There are a few kids cubby houses to choose from and they are pretty spacious too. We already own one of those plastic red slides but my kids have grown out of it and they used to always fight over it. They have been playing beautifully together in their cubby house, whilst one is on the slide the other is peeping through the cubby window.

It so cute watching them make up games together and I know that they will enjoy it for years to come!

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FingerFood to Set the Event Mood

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Close your eyes and picture eating this…Rich caramelised onion and creamy goat’s cheese in a tasty tartlet.

How about perfectly cooked burgers and mint infused mini meat pies? Or the desert better than the icing on the cake, a Toblerone chocolate mousse with the distinct rich taste of nougat, nuts, and dark Swiss chocolate.

If they sound like mini bites of heaven to you then you will also go crazy for the selection of finger food from Universal Restaurant, the specialists in Private Function Catering Carlton.

The right finger food is essential in giving the perfect introduction to your event. It is the first impression that you make when guests arrive and will set the tone for the rest of the evening.

With an amazing selection of finger food that each competes with the above dishes, you will be sure to have satisfied guests and the perfect start to your party!


Kitchen Renovations To Create Your Ideal Space

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It is all about finding the right company to carry out a renovation that will suit your wants, needs and budget requirements.

We went with a company called Home Extensions Melbourne, who are based in Brighton, they were referred by our Brighton Plumber that had just completed our bathroom.

I was so impressed with their professionalism, friendly manner and the amazing, talented designers that I just had to write about it and share their details.

We worked alongside them to ensure they really understood our wants and needs, we came up with a design that more than met these!

I absolutely adore my new kitchen. It flows so beautifully with the rest of the existing home.

Highly recommend the team from Home Extend in Melbourne for kitchen or any kind of building or renovations.

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Affordable Treadmills for Your Home

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I had just started my full time job after having my first child and was struggling to keep up to date with all important aspects of my life. One of which was exercising.

After a couple of weeks I realised that between making up the right amount of hours at work and spending time with my family and new born, I had to find a solution that didn’t involve going to the gym.

I looked into buying a treadmill so I could run at home and I found a company called Lifespan Fitness.

They were amazingly helpful and could recommend the perfect product for my needs.

I was really impressed and hope that you guys enjoy their service too.

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Protect Your Reputation Online

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I discovered this fantastic company which provides a brand management service to any business or professional that may require their service. So for instance, if you are a WordPress developer in Sydney and a client wrote a terrible review on your company, you wouldn’t want that appearing when people are searching for your company on Google. There is no way you can just delete bad reviews or negative press from the internet, but this business ‘buries’ them.

I’m a cafe owner and we are reviewed constantly! Some of the bad reviews are simply not true. Customers who are having a bad day seem to take it out on us and then exaggerate and lie on reviews. They tell untruths about the staff and make us look bad. We have been working with a few SEO companies (SEOMelbourne and rankONE) that specialise in online reputation management, and I feel a lot better about people searching for us online. We work together to ensure our brand management is intact and our cafe looks appealing online. These days the reputation you have online is important and vital as people are constantly on the net and constantly judging by what they read on there.

The reason we have chosen 2 companies, is because they both work off each other, they are located next to each other and recommended each other because they complement each others services.

I would definitely recommend both of these companies to any business or professional for almost any product or service. For today’s internet based world we live in, I believe it’s very relevant. They offer different services depending on your business and you situation. Both companies are extremely professional and specialist in the reputation management field.

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Drafting Services for any type of job

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When my wife and I were planning on building our new house we were adamant that it would be a success after finding Draftaway.

Draftaway provided us with the most knowledgeable personnel who would then provide us with the confidence that our house was going to be a finished result in a short amount of time.

Not only was their experience second-to-none but they showed us how our house would look in both 2D and 3D which gave us extra confidence to believe our finished product would be at the elite level.

The draftsman we spoke to in particular was such a help to us.

As you can understand this process is a bit stressful but our minds were put at ease.

We urge anyone looking for architectural drawing or architectural drafting to contact Draftaway right away!

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Low Fat Meals Waiting for You When You Get Home

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I’m a photographer and my friends often ask me what is the best camera to buy for this or that. Often the best camera is the one you have on you so portability, ease of use and convenience need to be high on your list of priorities. That’s been kind of a life lesson for me, something about the path of least resistance.

I was trying to lose weight recently and I did the research, I knew all the important stuff but the reason this time was more successful was Dineamic. No ones resolve in unwavering and having convenient low fat meals ready and waiting for you when you get home just makes them the easiest option… faster than the fastest food and more delicious to boot.

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Getting Job Ready

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Get well versed in a particular area and learning is a vital part in you obtaining the required knowledge. Learning is never restricted by age. The boom of technology makes the learning process simple and in addition making distant education possible. Learning institutes help reinvent yourself by offering education and support throughout the course, they even help you acquire your dream job.

Course providers work with you as team until you get occupation in your ultimate field. The team work to inspire you, motivate you, coach you and make you a strong more confident individual. Offering hundreds of short courses including post bachelor degrees, diplomas, graduation and even certificate courses. Each course category has numerous sub categories accessible to choose your method to advancement.

Australian Universities not only offer classes and support you in all your problems and enable you to find your dream job. They even offer the courses in different modules like online, blended and campus courses.

Program in the most popular courses from the day you are enrolled with them which acknowledgement excellence and enables extra resources to help you graduate and get a job. The mantra they are following is about getting you job ready.

The career success program can also help you in providing interview techniques and will assist you in formatting our CV. The career hunter helps you to have the interviews, track down the companies and allows you to get all your job opportunity.