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In my twenty plus years as a Executive Professional Matchmaker I’ve been blessed to have met a lot of men and women and discuss their experiences.

Let us start with younger guys and why they’re attracted to older women.

I had been making calculations in my head and imagining how when I’m fifty, he will be looking at girls who are thirty, and thinking I would not have the ability to compete with somebody 2 decades younger. I created a false doubt about why I could not date a younger guy.

Since coming out of the connection, it appears to me a common trend today is the younger man pursuing an older girl. My personal experience is in most instances I get asked out by younger guys in fact only 1 person older than myself as chased me. I have to add I am not one to hit the nightlife or stand around bars so the me I meet are natural experiences.

  • An elderly woman is more grounded
  • She is emotionally stable
  • She does not bring about dramas where there are not any
  • The sexual intercourse with an older lady is amazing
  • She knows who she is
  • She understands her own sexuality
  • she’s capable of intelligent conversations

You can see here, why many younger guys are interested to an older girl. I can tell you something that I am sick of hearing: “Older men just like younger girls as a ‘trophy’ to look great in their arm!” This is a load of crap and isn’t the motivation for older men! Also, the perception “A younger woman searching for an older guy is only because she’s a gold digger!” Is just as annoying.

In my experience of working with high wealth individuals, both male and female, I will tell you the younger girl who falls for an older man isn’t with him because she wants him to get his money. Sure he can give her equilibrium and that is a bonus, but what else?

  • He’s strong and has lifetime experience
  • Treats her nicely
  • He’s chivalrous
  • He follows through on what he says He’s going to perform,
  • Compliments her
  • Does not play games
  • He’s a selfless lover and certainly will take the time to please a girl and;
  • Isn’t looking at other girls,

It is no wonder that a younger girl is attracted to a more mature man. Equally, for the older man, having youth will obviously make him feel good and if his ego is testosterone and up is up of course, will make him feel good also.

The purpose of this post is truly about the judgement other individuals place on relationships when they’re looking from the outside in. Sadly, the mindset of others can stop many couples from getting together as they’re so concerned about what everyone else might think. They may also be so concerned about missing out on the dream they have about the way the connection might be when they found the perfect woman or ideal man, because of this, therefore, they miss what’s right in front of them.

Connecting with someone isn’t always simple, so should age keep you from following through on a possible relationship? No!

Sure, if one of you wants children and the other does not, it’s something to think about however outside of having another life goal, if there be a limitation on age?

It’s important to keep your mind and heart open to adopting the moment. None of us are privileged enough to know if we will die, so the future we’re fantasising about, is just dream. You may never find your preferred fantasy and in the present time, miss opportunities which are your own reality.

So please do not judge other individuals.

Relationships don’t include a use-by date or a guarantee. We do not know how long anything will last! Embrace it, enjoy it and do not judge other people’s relationships.