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Protect Your Reputation Online

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I discovered this fantastic company which provides a brand management service to any business or professional that may require their service. So for instance, if you are a WordPress developer in Sydney and a client wrote a terrible review on your company, you wouldn’t want that appearing when people are searching for your company on Google. There is no way you can just delete bad reviews or negative press from the internet, but this business ‘buries’ them.

I’m a cafe owner and we are reviewed constantly! Some of the bad reviews are simply not true. Customers who are having a bad day seem to take it out on us and then exaggerate and lie on reviews. They tell untruths about the staff and make us look bad. We have been working with a few SEO companies (SEOMelbourne and rankONE) that specialise in online reputation management, and I feel a lot better about people searching for us online. We work together to ensure our brand management is intact and our cafe looks appealing online. These days the reputation you have online is important and vital as people are constantly on the net and constantly judging by what they read on there.

The reason we have chosen 2 companies, is because they both work off each other, they are located next to each other and recommended each other because they complement each others services.

I would definitely recommend both of these companies to any business or professional for almost any product or service. For today’s internet based world we live in, I believe it’s very relevant. They offer different services depending on your business and you situation. Both companies are extremely professional and specialist in the reputation management field.