Kitchen Renovations To Create Your Ideal Space

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It is all about finding the right company to carry out a renovation that will suit your wants, needs and budget requirements.

We went with a company called Home Extensions Melbourne, who are based in Camberwell, they were referred by our Camberwell Plumber that had just completed our bathroom.

I was so impressed with their professionalism, friendly manner and the amazing, talented designers that I just had to write about it and share their details.

We worked alongside them to ensure they really understood our wants and needs, we came up with a design that more than met these!

I absolutely adore my new kitchen. It flows so beautifully with the rest of the existing home.

Highly recommend the team from Home Extend in Melbourne for kitchen or any kind of building or renovations.

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Affordable Treadmills for Your Home

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I had just started my full time job after having my first child and was struggling to keep up to date with all important aspects of my life. One of which was exercising.

After a couple of weeks I realised that between making up the right amount of hours at work and spending time with my family and new born, I had to find a solution that didn’t involve going to the gym.

I looked into buying a treadmill so I could run at home and I found a company called Lifespan Fitness.

They were amazingly helpful and could recommend the perfect product for my needs.

I was really impressed and hope that you guys enjoy their service too.

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A One Stop Shop For Marketing Your Business

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Business to business social media is becoming a popular way to market and communicate your message across. B2B marketing is imperative these days, more than likely your business has competitors coming from left, right and centre. What makes your business the best? Why should your business be selected over another? Companies now analyse, plan and develop a strategy that will benefit your business.

Communication is vital in business. Different strategies are used, depending on who you are, where you are and what business you’re in. B2B marketing is a large part of B2B companies and their strategy. B2B social media is now an everyday tool used to market products and companies. It is the perfect tool for today to communicate with people. It’s rare for a businessman to walk out of the house without a phone with internet access these days. So why not take advantage of this fact.

OnlySEOservices is a company that can help achieve all your online strategy goals. They are experts in online marketing. They are specialists in communicating the right thing, to the right people, at the right time. My business has been working with them for a few years now, and I do believe it makes all the difference. They help when your business is trying to continue business relationships with current clients, and of course when attracting new ones. I feel it’s a one stop shop for business online marketing needs and a step every business needs to take. I would definitely recommend OnlySEO as they have an approach that suits any business, small or large, new or old.


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Protect Your Reputation Online

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I discovered this fantastic company which provides a brand management service to any business or professional that may require their service. So for instance, if you are a designer and a client wrote a terrible review on your company, you wouldn’t want that appearing when people are searching for your company on Google. There is no way you can just delete bad reviews or negative press from the internet, but this business ‘buries’ them.

I’m a cafe owner and we are reviewed constantly! Some of the bad reviews are simply not true. Customers who are having a bad day seem to take it out on us and then exaggerate and lie on reviews. They tell untruths about the staff and make us look bad. We have been working with a few SEO companies (SEOMelbourne and rankONE) that specialise in online reputation management, and I feel a lot better about people searching for us online. We work together to ensure our brand management is intact and our cafe looks appealing online. These days the reputation you have online is important and vital as people are constantly on the net and constantly judging by what they read on there.

The reason we have chosen 2 companies, is because they both work off each other, they are located next to each other and recommended each other because they complement each others services.

I would definitely recommend both of these companies to any business or professional for almost any product or service. For today’s internet based world we live in, I believe it’s very relevant. They offer different services depending on your business and you situation. Both companies are extremely professional and specialist in the reputation management field.

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Drafting Services for any type of job

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When my wife and I were planning on building our new house we were adamant that it would be a success after finding Draftaway.

Draftaway provided us with the most knowledgeable personnel who would then provide us with the confidence that our house was going to be a finished result in a short amount of time.

Not only was their experience second-to-none but they showed us how our house would look in both 2D and 3D which gave us extra confidence to believe our finished product would be at the elite level.

The draftsman we spoke to in particular was such a help to us.

As you can understand this process is a bit stressful but our minds were put at ease.

We urge anyone looking for architectural drawing or architectural drafting to contact Draftaway right away!